Women Pioneers Mexican Photography 1

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September 24 @ 18:00November 14 @ 18:00

Women Pioneers Mexican Photography 1

Throckmorton Fine Art presents views of women, myth, and photography intertwined through nine pioneers who embrace new attitudes for women. This exhibition is not chronological, but a selection of some of the principal and powerful results in the human course of action taken by these trailblazing artists. This first curatorial selection includes nine female photographers who do not just reproduce people or objects, but atmospheric and emotional situations of the times each one lived, and their lives.

The exhibition features 46 gelatin silver and platinum prints by:

Tina Modotti (Udine, Italy, 1896-1942 Mexico City)

Lola Alvarez Bravo (Lagos de Moreno, Mexico, 1907-1993 Mexico City)

Kati Horna (Budapest, Hungary, 1912-2000 Mexico)

Mariana Yampolsky (Russian-Jewish American, Chicago 1925–2002 Mexico City)

Colette Urbajtel (Paris, France, 1934)

Garciela Iturbide (Mexico City, 1942) ~ the heir to Manuel Álvarez Bravo, the father of Latin American and Mexican photography

Flor Garduño (Mexico City, 1957)

Lourdes Almeida (Mexico City, 1952)

Cristina Kahlo (Frida Kahlo’s sister)

The exhibition highlights how modern Mexico produces world-class fine art, and has been a magnet for intellectuals from around the world.

After the Mexican Revolution (1910-1920), artists were intrigued by the opportunity to create a new society out of classical Mexican culture at a time when everything seemed possible. Even within the generally conservative Mexican society, artists expanded boundaries for women, homosexuality, and modernity itself.

This exhibition is a continuing thread in Spencer Throckmorton’s fascination with Mexico as a fountain of creativity and social experimentation. The Throckmorton Fine Art gallery is one of the world’s major collectors and dealers in Latin American photography and Pre-Colombian art.

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